// Materials & Sizes //

The necklaces you will find either in our shops or on-line are made of 4mm thick plywood. [see section: Composition & Care].

However, if you would like to try other materials, we also work with methacrylate plastics, in various colors. We have worked with grays, maroon and red, some yellows, etc. If you are interested, you can contact us and suggest the color you prefer, and we can send you some examples of designs, without any obligation of buying whatsoever.

On the other hand, our designs are normally presented with a thin cobra style chain, made of old golden brass, with the iron-works and clasp of the same material.

But we can also offer you an alternative chain, which would be a thin brown string. In this case, there would be no iron-works or clasp, since it would have fix knots and slipknots. If you happen to prefer this type of finishing, you can contact us and we can make you a personalized order. Here you have some instructions to pick your personal SIZE, the total length of the chain, including the clasp.

Basically our designs have two sizes:

45-50cm_ CUBOS
60-65cm_ RAÍCES

To ask for a specific SIZE or length inside the established range, you only have to add a note during the payment, where it says Add a note for the seller". Or you can contact us directly and we will make you a personalized order in the lenght that you please."

SIZE XS (38-41cm), the necklace will be more or less, right above or below the end of the neck. It may vary according to the constitution or width of the neck.

SIZE S (42-53cm), It will depend on the type of shirts or dresses you may wear. You have to think that according to the length of chain, the necklace can end up between the line of the neckline, and it may turn and look bad.

SIZE L (60-72cm), the necklace will be right beneath the chest, or even lower, depending on the person's proportions. Try to figure out your best measure, in order to have it on the correct position.

SIZE XL (83-88cm), the maximum length of the chain is 88cm. The necklace will be at your belly button or a little higher, depending on the person's proportions.

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