// Composition & Care //

Our pieces are made of 4mm thick PLYWOOD, composed of thin layers of BIRCH wood, which are glued with the fibers in perpendicular directions, to improve their RESISTANCE. We have chosen this precise thickness, since it is the correct balance between aesthetics and rigidity.

Furthermore, our pieces are cut in a small local WORKSHOP by means of LASER-cutting machinery. This gives the edges that burnt appearance, which is very characteristic of our designs, and that brings out its THREE-DIMENSIONAL aesthetics. Afterwards, we manually apply the VARNISH and OILS of natural origin.

After a period of EXPERIMENTATION and testing, with the help of our RELATIVES AND FRIENDS, we have obtained these highly resistant pieces that do not need very specific care.

Nevertheless, here are a few INSTRUCTIONS to improve their durability:

- Try not to unnecessarily WET either the piece or the chain or to keep them in places where the level of humidity is very high.

- Try to keep the pieces away from the direct incidence of the SUN and air, guarding them in fabric bags, envelopes, boxes, etc ... If you do it individually, you will avoid KNOTS of the chains and silly BLOWS.

- Although the varnishes and oils do increase the hardness, possible damage or even breaking is possible, if you are not careful with the pieces and harm them

- Avoid covering in PERFUMES or similar products, as it may damage the oils or the color of the wood.

- If you may consider that the piece has been deteriorated, you can always re-varnish, it to return to its initial appearance. For more information about oils or varnishes, you can contact us by e-mail (cubosyraices@gmail.com) and we will be very happy to give you any kind of ADVICE.

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