// How to buy? //
You can buy any of our necklaces through our webpage www.cubosyraices.com
It's really easy, you just have to follow these steps:
1- Choose the necklaces you like
2- Click on the button Buy now" "
3- Indicate the quantity.
4- Click on the button "Proceed with the order"
5- Introduce the payment information on our Paypal. (The methods of payment are credit card and Paypal. If you prefer paying through a bank transfer, write us to: cubosyraices@gmail.com).

You will shortly receive your order! :D

// Types of Payment //
We accept two types of payment:
Paypal: it is one of the safest and most popular platforms of payment in the world. To use it you do not need to be registered.
Bank transfer: Write us to cubosyraices@gmail.com if you prefer to pay us through a bank transfer, you just need to specify your personal information, the chosen necklaces, and the exact address to send the order. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know the delivery date. However, we will not proceed to prepare or send your package if we have not received the transfer.

// Prizes//
The prizes are indicated in each necklace with its Subpage.
We reserve the right to modify these prizes or offers.

// Shipping and Delivery //
The order will be sent via postal service. The orders inside Spain will be ready in 2/3 days approximately. However, for international orders, it may take 9-11 days.
If you have an urgent order or need to know the exact day you will receive your necklace, simply write us a mail to cubosyraices@gmail.com , and we will inform you.
We will try to prepare it fast so that you can enjoy it as soon as possible! :)

// Shipping costs //
Free worldwide international shipping.
// Exchanges or Refunds //
If you would like to make any exchanges, inform us through mail cubosyraices@gmail.com
You have up to 7 days to exchange the necklace. Apart from that, we will not accept any changes.
If you desire to change it, it must arrive at our workshop in perfect conditions.
We do not accept Refunds.

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